Accompanying a Chorus and Thinking of The Simpsons

Earlier this week I accompanied the spring choral concert for East Cobb Middle School, which is across the street from Wheeler High School in Marietta.

I only accompany school choirs once a twice a year these days, but I always like it because I enjoy the kids and it’s a very different skill set then playing for weddings and parties — or even accompanying musical theater.

One of the songs the kids sang for the concert was “We are the World.”


We are the World and SImpsons sending our love down that well parody


I’m a huge Simpsons fan, so the minute I saw this, and then started playing it, I though of this Simpsons parody. It’s from one of my very favorite episodes “Radio Bart,” with Sting as a guest star. (The entire clip is good, but the funniest part is Krusty the Clown’s singing at around 1:08.)

The Simpsons — “Sending Our Love Down a Well”


So, during the chorus rehearsals and concert, while on the outside I looked very professional and serious, like this:

Atlanta wedding pianist plays ceremony music at Wimbish House
Me Concentrating Very Seriously and NOT Thinking of Cartoon Song Parodies While I Play


Inside, at times I was a little like this:

Trying not to laugh at Simpsons sending our love down a well song parody
Me Picturing Krusty the Clown belting out, “All the way down!”


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