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Common questions about hiring a ceremony musician or pianist for your wedding

Chances are, this is your first time hiring a wedding musician.

Or maybe you’re not planning a wedding, but you want live piano music for an anniversary party, birthday party, baby shower, Christmas party, or some other special event.

Either way, you might have a lot of questions.

Or you might not even know what to ask.


Well, keep reading, because this page is for you!


Common Questions for a Wedding Pianist

In this five-part series, I answer some common questions people have when they’re hiring live musicians for wedding and other special events.


* What Music Do We Need for Our Wedding Ceremony?

* Do Wedding Musicians Attend the Wedding Rehearsal?

* What if We Don’t Have a Piano?

* Do We Tip Our Musicians?

* What if I Have Song Requests for My Wedding?


Enjoy this series — and if there are any questions I didn’t include, post them in the comments below so I can answer them!


And if you’re planning a wedding or party, check out my ebook, 5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding. I wrote it with the help of some of my wedding vendor friends. It’s got some great idea and professional photos. Best of all, it’s free.


5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding by Jennifer Blaske, Atlanta Wedding Pianist












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