Atlanta Wedding Vendor: Mobile Mike DJ Services

I’m here today with Mike Jones from Mobile Mike DJ Service.

Mike performs DJ services not only for weddings, but also school proms, backyard barbecues, and corporate events. Some of his favorite venues include Callaway Gardens, Alpharetta Athletic Club, and Chateau Elan.

Atlanta DJ Mobile Mike DJ Service with the bride and groom


JMB: So Mike, how did you get started in this business?

Mobile Mike: I was asked at my full-time job by the HR director if I knew anybody that could provide music for the company picnic. I have always had the love of music and had a jump start in knowing everyone at the company. It was such a success that I needed business cards 6 months later.

JMB: What makes you unique as a DJ?

Mobile Mike: Being a full-time professional, I can give my clients a customized and personal service. I am able to use my time and resources to not only help them with their wedding entertainment needs but, to suggest other professionals — like you, Jenny! — that they did not think about. What I love the most is that my clients become my friends. It is not an event to say goodbye, but to celebrate and to say, “I can’t wait to see you again!”

JMB: What is the most common misconception about wedding DJs?

Mobile Mike: People often think that we only work for four hours and only work on the weekends.

JMB: So what is your work schedule really like?

Mobile Mike: The time spent on a typical wedding can be 30-40 hours. Twelve of those hours would be the day of the event. That’s including travel, setup, the event itself, and packing up.

JMB: I used to know a musician who would tell people, “Our band plays for free. You’re just paying us to move the equipment.”

Mobile Mike: Exactly!

JMB: Wow, so a twelve hour workday on the day of the wedding. And then what do you do during the week, in addition to hopefully resting up a little?

Mobile Mike: That’s when we schedule our client planning sessions. Plus we have plenty of midweek corporate events that keep us busy.


Atlanta Wedding Vendor Mobile Mike DJ Service Photo by Daniel Stancil Photography


JMB: Do you have any funny wedding stories?

Mobile Mike: My wife will appreciate this…many years ago I was at Callaway Gardens and I happened to be providing sound and music for the ceremony at the chapel. I have been to all locations of the property but that one. My wife and I thought we had turned onto the dirt drive to the chapel but, it was a bike path. Needless to say, the bikers were a little bit jumpy seeing a truck and trail coming at them. Thankfully everything turned out okay, although it was a little tricky turning around.


Atlanta Wedding Vendor Mobile Mike DJ Service
Mobile Mike DJ


JMB: So what kind of things do you like to do in your spare time? For example, what is your favorite book?

Mobile Mike: Jeffery Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections.

JMB: Ooh, I never heard of that one! {Types quickly into amazon} Okay, it looks like it’s about building relationships and about how networking is really about seeing how you can help other people. I really like that. {Clicks button} There! I just added it my Wish List. Now it’s up to five hundred eighty-one items.

Mobile Mike: Five hundred eighty-one? Good grief.

JMB: Yeah, I know. Okay, now how about your favorite movie?

Mobile Mike: Ooh, that’s a tough one. Probably The Breakfast Club.

JMB: Ha — now Breakfast Club always make me think of Abed in Community! {doing a rather poor Judd Nelson imitation} “You know what I got for Christmas? It was a banner year at the Bender family. I got a carton of cigarettes.”

Mobile Mike: {laughing and nodding} “The old man grabbed me and he said, “Hey, smoke up, Johnny!”

JMB: {continuing her truly awful Judd Nelson imitation} “No Dad, what about you?”


JMB: I’m not sure how many readers will appreciate that, but it was fun. Okay Mike, we’re about out of time. Do you have any final advice for couples who are in the midst of their wedding planning?

Mobile Mike My advice is to take a deep breath! Meet your vendors face to face so that you have a good feeling about them and that they understand what your ideas are. Let them share ideas, and let them answer concerns you may have. You will know the ones that will make your day a success!

JMB: Well, thanks for meeting with us today, Mike. And a special thanks to our photographers:

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Daniel Stancil Photography

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