The Book Cover Reveal!

Designing a book cover was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Of course, I didn’t even do any of the designing myself, which is why it was surprising. You’d think I would just tell the designer what the book was about and then wait a few days while she did her artistic magic, right?

Well, it wasn’t quite that easy.

The interesting thing was how many people were involved in creating this cover. And, of course, that’s what makes the cover so special.

1) My daughter Rebecca was the one who came up with the original concept.

2) My husband Robert, who has a background in graphic design, pointed out changes that should be made once the design had been created.

3) Linda, a dear woman I met at a Bible study years ago, suggested adding two new items to the piano that gave the image a lot more character.

4) My friend Loraine, who once told me that she “very much judges a book by its cover” gave me feedback in both phone calls and emails.

5) Multiple other people, including both past customers and people I attended elementary school was, cast votes for what angle the piano should be placed at.

6) And of course, the lovely — and very patient — Ana, my cover designer who communicated with me again and again (and again) from her home in Germany.

And now all of you get to see the result!

What do you think?


Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom humor novel by Jennifer McCoy Blaske


By the way, it’s not too late to get on the “List of Special People” who will be eligible to receive a free ARC copy. Copies are due to go out sometime between June 25-30, depending on how many technical difficulties we run into.

If you enter your name below by June 21, you’ll hear from me when they’re ready.

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