My Book Launch is Today!

Jennifer McCoy Blaske author of humorous funny novel Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom
Me and my book!

Today is the book launch for Confessions of a Wedding Musician Mom, now available on Amazon.

Here are some questions I’ve been asked about the book and today’s launch:


1) Will the book be out in paperback?

Yup, but not til late August, when I’ll have a paperback launch.


2) I don’t like ebooks. I’ll just wait til the paperback comes out.

I don’t like ebooks very much either. But the more ebook downloads I get today, the better my sales will be later, so I would really appreciate it if you downloaded the ebook, even if you never look at it.


3) Do I have to have a Kindle to read it? I love my Nook.

You can use any ereader.


4) How much does the book cost?

Normally it’s $2.99 for the Kindle version, but it’s completely free to anyone and everyone today and tomorrow only.


5) Is it any good?

Well, you’ll have to let me know, but I have already gotten some 5-star reviews, which you can read here. So far, readers were kind enough to say things like, “So well-written and easy to read that the pages turn themselves” and “truly an emotional read where you laugh til you cry and cry at the sweet moments.”


6) This is a true story, right? I mean, come on — who are we kidding?

Believe it or not, almost nothing specific in this story actually happened to me. A few incidents grew out of real events and some incidents were things I was always afraid would happen, but thankfully never did.


7) What can I do to help make your book launch a success?

Thanks for asking! First, make sure you download your copy today or tomorrow. Second, check out my Facebook and Twitter pages and make some noise — like, comment, and especially share and re-tweet.


8) Are you going to write another book?



9) Is it going to take you another four years to write the next book?



10) Do you have a mailing list so I won’t miss your next book?

Sure! People on my mailing list also get a chance to read the next book before it’s officially launched, so be sure to sign up below.

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