Book Review: Creative Wedding Showers

When I was a kid, I had a book (I might even still have it somewhere) called The Pooh Party Book.

Pooh Party Book
The Pooh Party Book

The parties were separated into themes (such as “A Birthday Party for Eeyore“) and each party theme had ideas for the invitations, games, food, etc, related to that theme. When I was nine, I actually hosted the “Honey-Tasting Party for Pooh” with honey pot-shaped invitations.

Well, when I first saw the book  Creative Wedding Showers, it  instantly reminded me of The Pooh Party Book.

Books for Brides: Creative Wedding Showers -- handmade invitations, decorations, games, menu ideas
Creative Wedding Showers

For example, the Taking the Plunge wedding shower is water-themed. It includes water bubble invitations, suggests placing the gifts in a small kiddy pool surrounded by pool toys, describes a water balloon volleyball game for entertainment, and features shish kabobs, potato salad, and Frothy Ocean Cooler as part of the menu.

Wedding shower invitations with a water bubble theme
Water Bubbles Invitation


I think my favorite shower theme in the book was Sugar and Spice, maybe because I like to bake (and/or eat). It includes a kitchen apron invitation, muffin mix favors, and a “guess the spice” game.

Muffin Mix bridal shower favor for sugar and spice wedding shower theme
Muffin Mix Favor


Other themes include Luxury Bridal Spa (with bath salts invitations and a lavender soap favor) and Love is in the Air (with heart candles favors, pink roses and white or pink tablecloths suggested for decorations, and Chocolate Fondue on the menu).

red heart candle favors
Heart Candle Favors


The book has ten different shower themes in all, with three recipes per theme, and plenty of photos (which I always consider a plus!)

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