Book Review: Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

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Today’s review is for a silly, light book  that has nothing to do with wedding planning, exactly, but will get you laughing a bit and hopefully relieve some of that wedding-planning stress.

 Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella 

Review for Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

I must admit that, while I was reading this book, I was kinda hoping that people wouldn’t see me with it and ask what it was about it. Because then I would be forced to reply:

“Well, it’s about a girl named Lottie who thinks her boyfriend is about to propose to her, but then he doesn’t. She’s so upset that she runs off to Greece and elopes with an old boyfriend that she hasn’t even spoken to in over ten years. Her older sister Fliss knows that Lottie is being a dingbat and knows how painful a divorce is. She knows she can convince Lottie to get the marriage annulled as long as Fliss gets there before they consummate their marriage. So, uh, most of the novel is about how Fliss (with some other folks in tow) run to Greece and cause various antics to stop Lottie and her new husband from having sex on their wedding night.”


Yeah. This ain’t exactly Atlas Shrugged. But hey, if you’re like me, sometimes you just want some silly, funny fluff, and Wedding Night fits the bill perfectly.

Many of you already know Sophie Kinsella as the author of the Shopaholic Series, and while Wedding Night is what’s referred to as one of Kinsella’s “stand-alone novels,” it definitely has the same style and feel. There’s a main character who is a bit flighty but lovable, a ton of mishaps (some bordering on the ridiculous), some laugh-out-loud moments, and characters who ultimately “find true love.”

Would I recommend Wedding Night? Yes, but with some reservations. Obviously, if the premise if giving you a headache from your eyes rolling back into your head, then you might want to skip this one. If you’re totally turned off by any sex scenes or profanity, be aware that this has a little of both. And finally, my main criticism is that, at almost 500, it was simply longer than it really needed to be. (Although considerably shorter than Atlas Shrugged.)

So the next time you need to just step away from all the wedding planning madness and just read something fun, check it out!


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