Books for Brides: The Wedding of Cathy and Irving

Books for Brides -- The Wedding of Cathy and Irving
The Wedding of Cathy and Irving


When I was in my twenties, “Cathy” was a trusted friend. I would buy the newest Cathy Collection book as soon as it came out, and one of my guilty pleasures was to curl up and read a Cathy book (often with a plate of Oreos nearby). In fact, I quite resembled one of the books’ covers.

Books for Brides the Wedding of Cathy and Irving


If you’re not family with “Cathy,” she is the alter-ego of Cathy Guisewite. When Ms. Guisewite was newly out of college, she would draw funny pictures of her life as a sort of coping mechanism and send them in letters to her parents. Her mother urged her to send them a publication, and finally she did, mostly to get her mother to stop pestering her about it. She was shocked when the publisher sent her a contract, along with the suggestion that she “work on her artwork.” You see see how rough her drawings still were in one of her first books “What do you mean, I still don’t have equal rights??!” (Andrews and McMeel treasury series) (Although even back then her drawings were much, much better than mine.)


Books for brides the wedding of Cathy and Irving

Whether you’re familiar with the “Cathy” character or not, I think anyone planning a wedding would enjoy The Wedding of Cathy and Irving. In fact, it would make a great as engagement gift! I think friends and relatives of the bride would love it as well.

And while Cathy’s wedding-planning adventures are fun for anybody, I think they would have a particular appeal for an “over-35 bride.” From Cathy’s mother falling to her knees in gratitude that her daughter is finally getting married, to Cathy trying not to laugh when she says the words, “I’m hear to try on bridal gowns,” the adventures of a “mature bride” is definitely a slant in Cathy’s wedding planning.

So if you like to laugh to laugh and like the idea of reading a whole book of comic strips about wedding planning — or you know someone who does — definitely check this one out!



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