Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Bottle Openers make a great wedding favor — they’re practical, last for years, and come in lots of different designs that range from elegant to cute.

I’m a big fan of My Wedding Favors. The items I’ve purchased from them are high-quality and attractively designed, and they offer tons of options.

Here are three great bottle opener favors that they offer:


 Antique Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

antique key wedding favor bottle opener
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Made of metal with an antique-gold finish, these bottle openers are surprisingly sturdy and heavy. They come with a tag attached with natural twine, but would be easy to personalize, if you wished, by replacing it with your own tags and/or ribbon with your wedding colors.



Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

cowboy boot Bottle opener wedding favor
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Having a wedding with a barn or western theme? Then check out these “Just Hitched” cowboy boot bottle openers! Each one comes individually wrapped with twine tied at the top, so you don’t have to do a thing except set them out as is.



Gold “Love” Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Gold Love Bottle opener wedding favor
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These Love Bottle Openers would work well as a bridal shower favor, either as a gift for all the attendees or as a prize for one or two of the shower games. (My Wedding Favors allows you to buy any single item, so if you go this route you won’t be “stuck” with five additional favors that you don’t know what to do with.)


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