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Earlier this month I had a very offbeat and alternative kind of evening attending the Bridal Bazaar at Paris on Ponce in midtown, hosted by Be a Bride.

I had never been to Paris on Ponce before, and this scene as I walked in the front door immediately clued me in that this was not going to be a stuffy, formal event.

Paris on Ponce Bridal Bazaar in Atlanta

Photo courtesy of Cindy and Sharon Same Sex Wedding Photographers


If you haven’t already figured this out, I’ll let you in on a little secret.

PsssstI am not nearly as hip or cool as I would like to be. (Not suprising coming from someone whose idea of a good time is reading book reviews on Goodreads.)

Spending an evening here let me pretend that I hip and cool, which was a real treat. 🙂

Vintage bridal gowns at Paris on Ponce in Atlanta


Paris on Ponce in Atlanta


Artsy decor at Paris on Ponce


Various designs and decor were provided by Chuck Milne Productions, Chair Covers & Linens, Luminari Candles, and We Rent Atlanta.

Chuck Milne Productions, Atlanta wedding designer
Chuck Milne Productions — Photo courtesy of Cindy and Sharon Same Sex Wedding Photographers


Paris on Ponce decor
Photo courtesy of Cindy and Sharon Same Sex Wedding Photographers
Luminati Candles — Photo courtesy of Cindy and Sharon Same Sex Wedding Photographers


I stopped and chatted with Donna Lipscomb from Confetti, who had a display set up.

I’m always intrigued by people who can do visual art — probably because I was the girl who burst into tears in second grade when I couldn’t figure out how to make a tissue paper flower — so I took several photos of her 3-D Save the Date card and invitations:

3D Save the Date card by Confetti


Tuxedo invitations by Confetti

White wedding invitation by Confetti

Now let’s get to the really good stuff … the FOOD!

First I headed over to Lyghthouse Cocktails and had an Etern-i-tini, which was described as

“A Triple Berry Infusion of Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, delivering a surprising zing on the tip of your tongue, shaken with pear vodka.”

Yes, please! 🙂

Etern-i-tini from Lyghthouse Cocktails


Then I wandered over to where L’oreal from Sinful Sweets Catering was making mini-donuts with choice of flavored powdered sugar (I chose Strawberries and Creme, which was a Very Good Choice).

Sinful Sweet Catering in Atlanta


Donuts from Sinful Sweet Catering


I also had “Cinnamon Bun Bonanza”-flavored organic and all-natural cotton candy (did you even know there was such a thing?? I sure didn’t!) from Cotton Cravings.


Not surprisingly, I was thirsty again after all this good eatin’. Fortunately, Savanna at Juice it Atlanta was pouring some smoothies made from bananas, mangos, ginger, and coconut water.

Savanna at Juice it Atlanta


Mango banana smoothie from Juice it Atlanta


Now it’s time for all of us to head into Le Maison Rouge for even more food — and tonight’s entertainment!

And you thought we were done? Heck, we’re just getting started!


To be continued ….


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