Bride Dragging Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride dragging groom wedding cake toppers

I had no idea how popular the idea of a “bride dragging the groom” was until I wrote this post on funny wedding cake toppers. I kept finding them everywhere!

Not only do they keep coming up in all kinds of searches for funny wedding cake toppers, but there are zillions of variations of location, weather, and what, exactly, the bride is dragging the groom away from.

I decided it was worth devoting any entire post to the cake toppers that has this theme. I hope you can find one that perfectly fits your own unique personalities!

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Reluctant Groom Wedding Cake Topper
Reluctant Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Here’s the traditional bride, in her white dress, dragging the groom, who is dressed but apparently not quite ready to go. This polystone topper is just over four inches tall, just over six inches long, and it weighs nine ounces.

Amazon reviewer Jennifer Roberts describes this as “great for a funny, whimsical wedding” and says:

Ordered this for my mother for her wedding, she picked it out and I got it for her. It arrived quickly and was the bell of the ball at the wedding. My mom was so very happy with it, it made lots of commentary on the funny and cute aspects. if you want a fun and whimsical wedding this would make a great topper.. if you are more serious and traditional, this probably isn’t topper for you. This was well made and shipped well with no damage and received in good time with lots of room to spare for the wedding … definitely cute. and worth the cost.

Interestingly, this topper also comes in a version where the bride is the one being dragged by the groom:

Groom dragging reluctant bride
Role reversal: Groom Dragging Reluctant Bride!

When I first saw it, I was curious if it was very popular, but since there are over 170 Amazon reviews for it and it has a great rating, I guess it is!

Reviewer JessClassof08 describes why this was perfect for her wedding:

I searched the entire internet looking for this scene. Me and my husband had been engaged for a long time and I wanted to wait till we had more money to plan a wedding but my husband finally convinced me so this was exactly what I had to have on my wedding cake.

Everyone got a kick out of it and were amazed that I found something that so nearly described the lead up to our wedding. I only received one bad comment about this and I ended up changing the persons mind by explaining how many cake toppers there are were it the woman dragging the man. I thought this added the perfect comic twist to our beautiful wedding cake. I still laugh when I see the pictures and my husband thought it was hilarious.


Okay, so now we’re just getting started. Now that we’ve set the tone and know why this “wife dragging husband cake toppers” theme is so popular, let’s look at some other options and variations!


Winter Themed Topper with Wife Dragging Husband
Winter Themed Topper with Wife Dragging Husband

Getting married in the winter? Then this cake topper is perfect for you. It has an extra personalized touch with the white snowflake and “just married” sign.

Or, on the flip side …


Beach Themed Cake Topper of Bride Pulling Groom
Beach Themed Cake Topper of Bride Pulling Groom

Maybe you’re having a beach-themed wedding, or a beach destination wedding — or maybe your groom just really likes to surf! In that case, check out this cake topper. This, like many of the other toppers, might work particularly well for a groom’s cake or bachelorette party.


Game Over Wedding Cake Topper
“Game Over” Wedding Cake Topper

For the groom who’s crazy about his video gaming. The bride is dragging him away from his popcorn, soda can, and computer screen that reads “Game Over.”


Bride Dragging Mechanic Groom From Car
Bride Dragging Mechanic Groom From Car


This cake topper has the bride dragging her car mechanic groom off to the wedding. It includes an 8-piece tool set with a wooden tool box and two tires. The groom is wearing a slightly disheveled black tux and has grease on his hands, face and shirt.


Woman Dragging Man and his Shotgun Away from Hunting
Woman Dragging Man and his Shotgun Away from Hunting

Here’s the bride proudly marching off, taking her man and his shotgun along with her. Its dimensions are 4.25″ x 3.75″.


Walking Dead Zombie Wedding Cake Topper
Walking Dead Zombie Wedding Cake Topper

Okay, this cake topper with a zombie bride is totally not my style, but it’s definitely unique, and I’m sure there are come couples out there who would love it. It’s complete with red blood stains and claw marks on the ground as the groom is being dragged. The topper is actually named “Love Never Dies,” ha ha. Perfect for Walking Dead fans — which I have never seen, but I played in a band with Chandler Riggs’ father last year, so that’s my tiny tiny claim to claim by association. 😉

I hope one of these funny cake toppers is perfect for personalizing your wedding and entertaining your guests!


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