My Favorite Lesser-Known Christmas Songs

It’s December, which means it’s Holiday Party time! 🙂

Jennifer Blaske playing piano at Atlanta Holiday party/Christmas party

This is me last week, playing for a Remax Office Party.

I’m also playing for a Christmas Luncheon at the Atlanta Athletic Club tomorrow and a party in a home in midtown this weekend (stay tuned for still more pictures).

So I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my personal favorite Christmas songs. Today I’ll write about some of the more obscure ones, and next week I’ll write about some of my more traditional favorites.


My Favorite Non-Traditional Christmas Songs

First, although I’ve never played this at Holiday Parties and probably won’t start anytime soon, one of my very favorites is actually The Kinks’ “Father Christmas.”

Another favorite of mine — although I have never even thought about playing it at a Holiday Party until now, but maybe I should start — is Joni Mitchell’s “River.”

You already know that I’ve always been a big Monkees fan, so of course I like The Monkees’ arrangement of “Riu Chi.”

Stay tuned for more favorite Christmas songs (and party photos)!


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