The Best Cupcake Stands for Weddings

Best Cupcake Stands for Weddings

If you’re one of many people who opting to serving cupcakes at your wedding instead of (or in addition to) a traditional wedding cake, then you’re going to need a stand for them.

Why choose cupcakes for a wedding? Well, cupcakes are cheaper than a wedding cake, they allow for more choices and variety of flavors, and they are easier to transport. (Plus it’s very easy to snag one and slip it to your wedding pianist! :))

But perhaps most importantly, they add a fun, whimsical feel to a wedding.

Here are seven popular cupcake stands that all meet slightly different needs. Which one is best for you?



Large Cheap Cupcake Stand for Weddings
Large Cheap Cupcake Stand for Weddings


If you’re serving lots of cupcakes — or if you want cupcakes plus a cake — then The Original Large Round Cupcaketree Cupcake Stand might be for you. It can hold up to 300 cupcakes, or 200 cupcakes plus a small 2-tier cake on top.

Is this stand pretty and decorative? Um, no. And this is where you will either:

a) hate this stand because it reminds you of a plain pizza box; or

b) love this stand because you can’t wait to get creative and spray paint it to match your wedding colors (about three cans of spray paint is needed), cover it with gold paper, and/or hot-glue ribbons around the edges. In fact, some wedding professionals have used this stand for several different weddings and re-decorate it each time.

You know which type of person you are.

If you choose to put a regular cake on the top tier, the material might sag a little in the spaces between the supports. However, it’s fairly easy to reinforce the cardboard by breaking some 12-inch wooden skewers and slipping them in between the rounds and supports.

7-Tier Tower for 100 Cupcakes
7-Tier Tower for 100 Cupcakes

Here’s another huge cupcake stand that holds over 100 cupcakes — 145 three-inch cupcakes, to be exact. Wow!

There is a “Large 7 Tier” and a “Large 7 Tier Version 2.” The one pictured above is the “Version 2” because so many reviewers talked about how much they loved that one. If you zoom in on the photo here, you’ll see that the stand has multiple poles stabilizing all 4 sides, making it much stronger and more sturdy than cupcake stands that only have one pole down the middle. Another plus about this stand is that it comes in securely packaged. All the plates are wrapped with form sheet, then wrapped again with plastic wrap on each plate to prevent scratches or any other damage.

Amazon reviewer Cupcake Lady explains why she would give this stand more than five stars if she could:

I purchased this item to not only utilize as a display during events at my bakery but also to offer to my customers for their large events. I debated the purchase for almost two weeks before I finally just went ahead and made the purchase. Let me tell you, I am very happy that I decided to proceed with this purchase!!

First of all, this tiered stand is extremely sturdy. I was concerned that not only would I have to worry about it wobbling due to lack of support but I thought that I would have to be extra cautious so not to break the plates. Not the case!! The stand is extremely stable. It doesn’t wobble in the least bit and is well constructed. As for the plates, they are made out of a thicker, more durable acrylic. You’d have to be pretty rough with them in order to break one!!

Secondly, this display is so elegant and classy to look at and yet it can very easily be transformed in to a fun, whimsical display. It is extremely versatile. You don’t need to limit this stand to cupcakes, either. I did a catering job this morning and displayed parfaits, puff pastries, muffins, chocolate covered strawberries, and frittatas on it!

With the stand comes a durable bag for your pieces once you disassemble (although I have had early morning events so assembled the night prior and transported the stand assembled!!), which keeps everything together and helps prevent your pieces from getting scratched.


Square Tiered Stand for 100 Cupcakes
Square Tiered Stand for 100 Cupcakes

This 5-Tier Square PVC Cupcake Tower Stand holds 80-100 standard cupcakes, although some people have claimed it holds up to 120.

This is a good choice if you like its sturdiness and elegant look and plan to use it for future get-togethers, such as holiday parties and family reunions.

It comes with a carrying case and it stores relatively flat when broken down. It also contains extra slides so that you have the option of only using the tiers you need, plus optional center posts so that you can change the platter height, making it very versatile.

The pieces lock together very tightly, which made it difficult or impossible for a few reviewers to take it apart without carefully cutting the slots a little bigger, so that’s something to be aware of.


Round Acrylic Stand for 80 Cupcakes
Round Acrylic Stand for 80 Cupcakes

This stand has four tiers, with diameters ranging from 6 inches t0 16 inches. It is about twenty inches tall, and the tiers can be removed.

It holds approximately 80 cupcakes, so it’s nowhere near as large as the stand above, but can still feed a crowd, especially if cupcakes are a side dessert and not The Main Event. It is sturdy and easy to assemble, plus it comes with a nice tote bag, which is a plus in my book.


Round Stand for 100 Cupcakes
Round Stand for 100 Cupcakes

If you need to hold at least 100 cupcakes but want something more elegant and sturdy that the first stand on our list, you might want to consider this stand. It has seven tiers and stands at almost 25 inches tall. It holds about 120 cupcakes, or it could hold about 75 cupcakes with an 8-inch wedding cake on top. Like the stand above, the tiers are removable, making it very versatile.

Professional cupcake baker Samantha S. describes why you get what you pay for with this stand:

I previously purchased a similar cupcake stand on eBay, with half the price. The design is exactly the same but much cheaper quality. I even once cut myself with the razor thin edges. I am a professional cupcake baker, I use the stand to hold the cupcakes at my clients’ events so I could not keep that cheap thing anymore. I settled for Juselpha’s cupcake stand because its reviews are the most solid, so I purchased it off Amazon and threw out the crap I owned. I am very pleased with the purchase.

First off, the plates are MUCHH thicker and MUCHH bigger diameter-wise, and the pillars are almost TWICE the size of the one I had from eBay. Secondly, its edge are smooth and rounded so I won’t cut myself like I did. Thirdly, the transparency is also better offering a complete see-through whereas the eBay crap was always foggy and dull. I believe this stand will last me many events. It was truly a great buy. Just one tip though, make sure you read the dimension of the stand before you purchase, so you won’t get screwed over like I did on eBay.

Round Stand that Holds 100 Wedding Cupcakes
Round Stand that Holds 100 Wedding Cupcakes

Isn’t this a beautiful stand? Yes, this is yet another stand by Jusalpha, who seem to have quite a reputation for making high-quality cupcake stands. It comes either in three different colors, as shown above, all in all-pink. You can choose between either a silver or gold handle in the middle. It is made of fine China porcelain, is 100% lead-free, and arrives in a gift box. It stands fourteen and a half inches tall with  plates the diameters of six, eight, and ten inches.
Because of the size, this is probably better suited for a shower as opposed to an actual wedding.


2 Tier Stand with Gold Accents
2 Tier Stand with Gold Accents

This is another lovely stand that is smaller and therefore perfect for bridal showers or a dessert table alongside a full-fledged wedding cake. This round 2-tiered glass cupcake stand has a white finish with brushed gold accents, plus faux glass clear beads and dangles. It is seventeen inches high and holds about twenty cupcakes.  It comes apart for easy storage.

How to Make a 5 Tier Wedding Cupcake Stand

How to Make a 5 Tier Wedding Cupcake Stand or Tower DIY Tutorial

If you want to save some money and customize your cupcake stand a little more, you can make one yourself.

This stand holds about 50 cupcakes, OR you could put a 6-inch cake on the top tier if you want. It looks relatively easy to make and basically involves cutting and gluing.

You’ll need the following supplies:
3 Cake boards, 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″
2 Styrofoam cake dummies, 2X6″ and 2×7″
Satin ribbon
Double-sided carpet tape
Thick paper (like cardstock) in whatever color and design you choose
Craft Glue and a Glue Stick
Metal pins
A pair of scissors
A pencil

See the tutorial here.

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