Daniel Stancil Photography Interview

I’m here today with Daniel of Daniel Stancil Photography in Atlanta.

Daniel Stancil Photography sunset

JMB: So Daniel, how long have you been in the wedding industry?

Daniel: Fifteen years — but I started in the wedding industry not with a camera, but with a Bible!

JMB: A Bible? What do you mean?

Daniel: I am an ordained minister and I officiated weddings in the role as associate pastor at a church for ten years. For the last five years I changed roles and took the camera to document the special day couples experience.

JMB: Well then that gives you a unique perspective, doesn’t it? How does being a minister affect how you approach your photography?

Daniel:  Since I’ve had the opportunity to lead many ceremonies for couples wanting to join their hearts during the outward expression of the marriage ceremony, I understand the importance of the commitment when couples hire me to document their special day. To me the wedding day is first and foremost a worship service, and I approach every wedding with that in mind. I understand the reverence of it and it’s spiritual implications that it holds.


Daniel Stancil Photography
Photo by Daniel Stancil Photography

JMB: What do you consider to be your “secret” for creating such great images on the wedding day?

Daniel: Honestly, I feel and believe that my camera is just a tool that God uses for His glory. My business has grown because I believe in giving it my all in everything I do, but I also have a greater understanding that everything we say and do in our lives should be done with excellence.

Daniel Stancil Photography Bride and Groom outside
Photo by Daniel Stancil Photography


JMB: Wow, that’s great, Daniel. Very inspiring. There’s only one problem.

Daniel: What’s that?

JMB: I always like to have these interviews be a little humorous, and you really haven’t given me anything to work with here.

Daniel: Hmm. Well, aren’t you speaking to Tom Reed of Georgia Dove later this week? I’ve heard he can be quite a character. Maybe he’ll say something amusing.

JMB: Let’s hope so. In the meantime, people can enter their name and email below do they don’t miss it.


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