Book Review: The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown

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There are two types of people when it comes to DIY weddings.

One is the person who gets totally excited about it, is constantly gathering ideas and trying new things, and could probably write their own book for DIY weddings if they wanted to.

The other is the person that breaks out into cold sweat at the idea of DIY projects for their wedding. They like the idea, at least in theory, but they have bad memories of the sewing class they took in middle school and are terrified that they are going to be confused, overwhelmed, and are possibly going to ruin their entire wedding with the lopsided, half-finished concoctions that they produce — assuming they can even finish anything in time.

Since I am the second type of person (although, of course, I’m not currently a bride), I thought that would make me a good candidate to review The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown: 40 Fabulous Projects to Make in the Months, Weeks & Hours Before Your Special Day.

DIY Bride Crafty Countdown


I really liked the way this book was laid out. I can’t stand slogging through a lot of text or flipping through something that isn’t organized in a way I can understand, and The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown definitely appealed to those sensibilities.

As the title suggests, the Crafts are listed in groups of what to do when. Here’s a list of their breakdown (including their own color-coding method), with three examples in each category:


12-9 Months to Go — Engagement Invites, Save-the-Dates, and Thank Yous

Picture Perfect Engagement Party Invite; Aloha Save-the-Date & Envelope; From the Heart Thank You Card


8-6 Months to Go — Invitations and Keepsakes

Wood Laminate Invitation; Memorial Candle; Wire Bird’s-Nest Ring Pillow

DIY wedding Wire Birds Nest Ring Pillow
Wire Bird’s-Nest Ring Pillow


 5-3 Months to Go — Accessories With Your Sense of Style

Bridal Headband; Feather Boutonniere; Ribbon & Lace Bridal Slipper


8-4 Weeks to Go — Setting the Scene for Your Wedding

Beach Glass Centerpiece; Glitter and Shine Monogram; Groovy Owl Cake Topper


3-1 Week to Go — Crafting a One-of-a-kind Reception

Stamped Cocktail Napkin; Just-Married Banner; Post-Wedding Brunch Place Setting


6-2 Days to Go — Sweet Send-Offs to Mark the Occassion 

Cupcakes in a Jar Favor; Milk and Cookies Favor; Vineyard Charm and Truffle Favor

DIY bride Vineyard Charm and Truffle Favor
Vineyard Charm and Truffle Favor


1 Day to Go — Forget-Me-Not Details

Carnation Pomander, Asian Rock & Bamboo Centerpiece, Gourmet Popcorn Buffet

6 Hours t0 Go — Finishing Touches for the Special Day

Lily Bloom Bouquet, Flower & Citrus Centerpiece, DIY Photo Booth


Two other things I liked about the layout:

1)There is a clear Timewise sidebar on the right page of each project telling you how much time to allow. For example, the Bridesmaid Button Hairpin sidebar says, “Once you’re located the perfect buttons, you can create 2 to 3 hairpins in under 30 minutes.”

2) Each project has a Tips & Hints section at the end of it (for example, the S’mores Save the Date Kit buy extra graham crackers because each box you buy will probably have some broken crackers that you can’t use.)

Would I make any of these projects if I were a DIY Bride myself?  Maybe. The great organization would definitely go a long way to keep me from running away in fear and overwhelm, and many of the projects are not very time-consuming. The Milk and Cookies Favor and Stamped Cocktail Napkin were two things I liked and could truly see myself  doing.

DIY Bride Crafty Countdown Milk & Cookies Favors
Milk & Cookies Favors

With 40 varied projects with such an easy layout, I would think any DIY Bride would find at least a couple things that would work for her in this book.


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