My Interview With DJTod

I’m here today with award-winning DJ Todd Peavy.




JMB: Tod, what makes you unique as a wedding DJ?

DJ Tod fun wedding reception


DJTod: I devote a huge amount of time and attention to detail. My events are customized to each couple so that every single participant can be involved and have fun so all can leave with memories that last a lifetime.

JMB: That’s one thing that I’ve noticed about you. I personally really hate when I go to social events and people are in any way left out or forgotten, probably because I know from experience how disappointing and lonely it is to feel left out. But I can see that you always make a point that the fun isn’t just for the cool people, or the popular people, or the young people, or whatever — it’s for absolutely everybody! I love that.

DJTod: Yes, that’s really important to me too, and it means so much to the guests. It is not unusual for the guests — not the couple who hired me, but their guests —  to write to me 10 to 15 years later saying that my weddings are the most fun weddings that they had ever been to!

DJTod dancing
Woo-hoo! Wish I were there!


JMB: That’s incredible! So Tod, what do you do when you’re not a DJ?

DJTod:  I love use my plane to fly with my family — including my three dogs — as well as for work and my charity events.

JMB: What kinds of charities are you involved with?

DJTod: Two of the Charities that are close to my heart are Mercy Flight Southeast, which provides free air transportation to medical facilities for citizens who need it, and Pilots and Paws, which saves the lives of many rescue animals.

JMB: And what’s your favorite food?

DJTod: A potato.

JMB: Hahahahahaha! A potato! That’s a good one! Why would anyone — oh, wait. You’re serious. {cough.} Yes, of course. A potato. Yum yum. Anything else that you want to share, Tod?

DJTod: Just that my best advice to couples is to tell the vendors your vision for the wedding, and then step back and give them freedom to do what they to best. They are professionals after all! Many times they will surprise you. This requires an element of trust on your part, but if you hire a reputable professional with a strong reputation, you will love the results.

JMB: Well, thanks so much for the interview, Tod!