Atlanta Wedding Vendor: Eileen Carter Creations

I’m here today with Eileen of Eileen Carter Creations, who makes cakes for weddings and other special occasions in Atlanta.

Eileen Carter creations wedding cake with ferns and greenery

JMB: Eileen, what makes your services unique?

Eileen: Most brides want that smooth fondant look, and I can give them that smooth finish with buttercream.

Eileen Carter Creations wedding cake with purple flowers

JMB: These cakes are all so beautiful! Have you ever been featured in a magazine?

Eileen: Yes, I’ve been featured in both The Knot and Occasions multiple times, as well as Oh-Brides magazine.

Chocolate cake with strawberries
Chocolate and strawberries — one of my favorites!


JMB: Do you have any “funny wedding stories” for us?

Eileen: I do — it’s about my own wedding, though, not designing cakes.

JMB: Tell us about it!

Eileen: Well, I was at the altar with Clay and we’re saying our vows when behind me I softly hear “Auntie Leenie.” First I ignore it, but then again, a little louder, “Auntie Leenie.” Now we’re beginning to laugh. One last time, in a much louder voice, “Auntie Leenie!” I had to turn to address my grand-Nephew, Alex. He said, “Auntie Leenie, your dress is too long!” 🙂

JMB: Ha! That’s hilarious. Now let’s talk about some of your interests. Do you have a favorite hobby?

Eileen: Yes, I crochet afghans — when I have the time! And speaking of hobbies — I know how much you love books, so I thought you would especially enjoy this cake:

Book Cake by Eileen Carter Creations


JMB: Hey, a book cake! Fantastic! Speaking of books, what are some of your favorites?

Eileen: I love anything that Nicholas Sparks writes.


JMB: What’s your favorite food?

Eileen: I’m a meat and potatoes girl.

JMB: What is it with you people and the potatoes? First DJTod, and now you. I never would have thought of anyone’s favorite food as being a potato.

Eileen{rolling her eyes}: Look who’s talking! Mangoes and pineapple? Pineapple pizza?? What the heck?

JMB: Okay, fine. My husband thinks it’s weird too. Eileen, do you have any parting advice for couples who are planning a wedding?

Eileen: Yes. After your wedding ceremony, and before you enter your reception to greet your guests, take about 15 minutes – just the two of you- to sit and have a bite to eat. Then you can greet your guests.

JMB: I’ve never heard that one before. I like it!

Eileen: Well, thank you for interviewing today, Jenny.

JMB: You’re very welcome, Eileen!


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