Wedding Venues That Make Great Engagement Photo Spots in Atlanta

Boy, how times have changed.

When I got engaged, our “engagement photo shoot” consisted of the two of us showing up at the photographer’s studio and having a few different poses — mostly sitting and standing — taken in front of the backdrop.

They were good photos, we had fun, and I had no complaints.

But now I see all these engagement photo sessions that show couples gallivanting around Disney World, standing behind water falls and frolicking through state parks, and I just think … WOW.

For example, it never would have occurred to me to have engagement photos taken at a wedding venue. But here are:


Three Great Atlanta Venues for Engagement Photos

1) Fox Theater

Who doesn’t love The Fabulous Fox? Well, not only can you see R.E.M. and The Indigo Girls in concert there (like I have in years past) or attend The Phantom of the Opera (like my daughters will be this week), but you can get married there — or just have your engagement photos taken there!

Check out these photos from Angela Wilson Photography. Perfect for a musical theater couple — or one that just loves midtown.


Engagement Photo Spots -- The Fox Theater in Atlanta   Best engagement Photography Spots -- The Fox Theater in Atlanta


2) Georgian Terrace

We already know that the Georgian Terrace is a great venue for a wedding — but look at what great engagement shots they can make as well! Another great choice for midtown lovers, as Georgian Terrace is right across the street from The Fox.

Both photos are from Jaxon Wedding Photography.

Best Engagement Photography Spots -- Georgian Terrace in Atlanta   Atlanta Engagement Photo Spot at the Georgian Terrace


3) Callanwolde

These shots from Callanwolde are my personal favorite.

This is why.

Engagement Photography spot at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta


And this:

Engagement Photos at Callanwolde Gardens in Atlanta


Aaaaand since I love these so much, I’ll throw in a third one. 🙂

Callanwolde Garden Engagement Photography spot in Atlanta

Thanks to  Erik Meadows for these beautiful photos.


Hey, and you know what’s great about all three of these venues — The Fox, Georgian Terrace, and Callanwolde Fine Arts Center?

You guessed it — they all have great pianos!

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