Football Wedding Cake Toppers

Football Wedding Cake Toppers

A football wedding cake topper is a fun way for a sports-loving couple to personalize their wedding. You can combine it with other ideas such as a football ring pillow, wearing jerseys for the engagement photo shoot, having team names for the reception tables, and using your favorite team colors for decorations.

The cake toppers will make a special keepsake for years to come, as well as provide a good laugh and a playful atmosphere for your guests.


 Acrylic Football Wedding Cake Topper

Acylic Football Wedding Cake Topper personalized with bride and grooms name
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This cake topper has a very simple, classic look. It’s made of acrylic and can be personalized with the bride and groom’s last name.

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Bride and Groom Football Wedding Cake Topper

Bride and Groom Football wedding cake topper
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This playful topper of a bride tackling her groom is made of hand-painted porcelain. It’s sturdy, but is a little top-heavy and might tend to lean forward. One possible way to solve this is to secure make sure you secure a short kabob stick to the bottom of it and then stick it down into the cake.


“Soccer” Football Wedding Cake Topper

Football Soccer wedding cake topper

Since the word “football” means different things to different people depending on where you’re from, I thought I ought to include this cake topper as well. Here the groom has what I, as an American, would call a “soccer ball.” The cheering bride, as you can see, is his Number One Fan and not afraid to show it.


Rugby Wedding Cake Topper

Rugby wedding cake topper with bride and groom
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If rugby is more your thing, there’s a wedding cake topper for you, too! This topper of a bride and groom playing rugby together is seven inches tall and made of resin. If you wanted to complete the look, you could set it on a cake decorated with vertical rugby stripes.


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