An Atlanta Halloween Wedding that isn’t, uh … well, you know

It’s no secret that I have personal bias toward fall weddings. (hyperlink). So it makes total sense that I wanted to write a blog post researching and sharing Halloween wedding ideas.

There’s only one problem with that, and you’ve probably guessed what it is.


Ideas I Found in Halloween Wedding Articles

* Black wedding dresses

* Wedding cakes in white icing that are stabbed with a butcher’s knife and have red icing drizzling through the wound

* Skulls on platters

* “Corpse brides” rising out of a coffin to walk down the aisle at the ceremony

* Bridesmaids with their faces painted white

* Vampire fang placecards


And that’s all, uh … very interesting.

But even if that were my thing (and I don’t think it is, really), I don’t think my couples are exactly the werewolf-and-skull wedding type.

So I was really glad to see this Atlanta Halloween wedding from wedding photographer Sonya Kim, located at the Stanley House Inn on Church Street in Marietta.

Halloween Wedding at Stanley House in Marietta near Atlanta

Do you LOVE this, or do you love it?

Gorgeous fall colors, just a little teaser of Halloween without creepy or weird. (No offense to the “corpse bride” peeps — if that’s your thing, then hey, you go for it!)

And the groom looked just as cool. (Also, check out that cutie-pie flower girl.)

Halloween fall wedding in Atlanta
Photo from Sonya Kim Photography


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