Debbie and Mitchell’s Engagement Party and Surprise Wedding

It’s not often that a wedding pianist gets to feel like a bit of a double-agent who gets to be involved in a “clever caper,” but Mitchell and Debbie’s surprise wedding allowed for just that.

They had an engagement party at a relative’s house but …  (insert devious chuckle here) … it was not really an engagement party! After about the first hour, it turned into a …

Surprise wedding!

Time for everyone to go change and get ready!

Engagement party and surprise outdoor Jewish wedding in Atlanta


The windows next to the piano were opened …

Atlanta Pianist Jennifer Blaske playing ceremony and cocktail hour music for engagement party and surprise wedding


And Mitchell and Debbie  had a beautiful ceremony outside by the pool!

Outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony in Atlanta


Bride and groom kissing at Jewish wedding ceremony in Atlanta


Mitchell and Debbie requested two Lady Gaga songs that I got to add to my repertoire: “Marry the Night” and “You and I.” These were two songs I had never heard before, but instantly fell in love with.


Congrats to Mitchell and Debbie, not only for their wedding, but also their ability to pull off such a fun caper!


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