Fishing Wedding Cake Toppers

 fishing wedding cake toppers

There must be a lot of you bride and grooms out there who love to fish!

I found so many fishing wedding cake toppers from my earlier post about funny wedding cake toppers that I should thought I should review some of those cake toppers specifically.

These humorous cake toppers that are perfect for a fishing themed wedding. I hope you can find the right one to make you and your guests smile!


Gone Fishing Porcelain Wedding Cake Topper
“Gone Fishing” Wedding Cake Topper

This porcelain topper has two separate pieces, so you can arrange them the way you want. The bride piece is five inches high, and includes a fishing rod with line and hook. The groom piece is three inches tall. This would look fantastic on a wedding styled like a birch tree stump.


Bride and Groom Fishing Themed Cake Topper
Bride and Groom Fishing Themed Cake Topper

Here is another hand-painted porcelain topper that comes with two pieces. The groom’s hair is chestnut-colored and the brides is a reddish blond, although some of the third-party merchants on Amazon claim that they can customize the hair color for an extra fee.

If you plan to use a 2-tier cake similar to the picture above, be prepared to re-tie the fishing line on the groom’s rod with some extra light test fishing line (or have your cake supplier handle it), because the line is pretty short and will need some extra length in order to work.


Wedding Party Gone Fishing Cake Topper
“Wedding Party Gone Fishing” Cake Topper

This cake  topper is a little different from the others. It doesn’t actually have the bride and groom … because they’ve gone fishing! The topper includes two stained adirondack chairs, each with a pair of sunglasses on it. The groom chair also has a black hat and red tackle box, while the bride chair has a bouquet and white tulle veil.


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Humorous Gone Fishin Cake Topper
Humorous “Gone Fishin'” Cake Topper


Fish Hook and Heart Cake Topper
Fish Hook and Heart Cake Topper

So what do you think, fishing folks? Which one do you like best?


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