Cool Ideas for a Kid Friendly Wedding

As a parent of three kids myself, I know how wonderful it is for young children to actually have something fun and quiet to do. (And how awful it can be when they don’t.)

Not to mention that looking at “kid stuff” is always fun, at any age.

So I went in search of ideas to make your wedding more kid-friendly and found this article by Bridal Musings about creating a Kid’s Activity Box for a Wedding.

Kids' Activity Pack at Wedding

In it,they suggest buying things like stickers (which my daughters were always crazy about), Play-Doh (purchased or homemade), rubix cube-type puzzles, yo-yos, etc.

Then pack it all up in a pail, paper box, or paper bag, maybe including some colorful tissue paper and a cute label.

That is SO clever! And not only that, but what a thoughtful way to welcome your young guests (and their parents).


But wait — there’s more! How about  downloads for a photographic scavenger hunt  for the wedding reception, courtesy of Ms. Martha Stewart herself!

Just set out a pencil, the printable, and a disposable camera, and have them get to work taking photos of things like:

* A dress the color of a ladybug

* two shiny shoes

* a white dress

Martha Stewart I Spy Wedding Activity for Kids

What a way to encourage the wedding bloggers of tomorrow! 🙂 And who knows, maybe some of those will turn out to be your best photos.


Another great find are these printable wedding activity books, which sort the “children’s menu” concept and extends it to a wedding. Just add crayons!

Printable wedding activity book for kids


So there you have it … three fun ways to keep kids engaged at a wedding that cost next to nothing!


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