Atlanta Wedding Vendor: Livingston Productions

I’m here today with photographer and videographer Mike Livingston of Livingston Productions.

Red bridesmaid dresses and wedding bouquets in Atlanta

PianoJenny: Hey Mike! Tell us a little about how you got started in this business.

Mike: Photography and videography have been hobbies of mine for over thirty years. As video technology advanced and as my son became interested in it, we decided to launch a video business in 2003. It was something that we as a family enjoyed doing together, and it allowed us an opportunity to work together and to serve others. We later expanded our services to include photography.

Bouquets with peacock feathers!
Bouquets made with peacock feathers!


PianoJenny: Do you have any “funny wedding stories”?

Mike: We videoed a wedding where the bridesmaids literally fought in the floor for the bouquet and totally shredded it. Our video clip was featured on a national wedding “blooper” show. When I contacted the bridesmaids to obtain releases for the TV show, I learned that they had been arguing all day and the fight was more a culmination of the argument than it was about the bouquet. It was a very awkward situation.

PianoJenny: Wow! Just wow. Okay, now to one of my favorite questions: What’s your favorite book?

Mike: I enjoy anything by Max Lucado.

PianoJenny: You know, I hear about Max Lucado all the time, but I’ve never actually read anything by him.


Mike: And …?

PianoJenny: And what?

Mike: Well, this is normally the part of the interview where you start to prattle on and on about what books you like and don’t like.

PianoJenny: Well, this time I’m going to show a little restraint. After all, this interview isn’t about me. It’s about you, and weddings, and photography, and  … and … and …

Mike: Yes …?

PianoJenny: Okay! Phillip Yancy is one of my favorite Christian authors and I wrote to him years ago and he actually wrote back and I still have the letter and also most people don’t know who Robert L. Short is, but he wrote these really cool books where he uses Peanuts comic strips to explain the Bible! {gasps for breath}

Mike: Feel better now?

PianoJenny: Yes, thank you. {Takes another deep breath.} And finally, Mike, do you have any advice for couples?

Mike: Yes.  Short term advice – relax and enjoy your day.  There well be things that don’t go quite as planned, that always happens, but enjoy it and make it one of the best days of your life.

Wedding rings in the show Livingston Productions

PianoJenny: Sounds good. What about long-term advice?

Mike: Don’t just be “in love” with one another, be committed to each other,  The Greek language has at least 3 words that we translate “love” …

PianoJenny{waving hand in the air}: Ooh! Ooh! I know this! “Phileo” is a brotherly love, and Philadelphia, of course, is the “city of brotherly love.” Aaaand … “agape” is unconditional love, and “eros” is romantic love.

Mike: Yes, exactly. Very good.

PianoJenny{blushing}: Thank you.

Mike: Well, our society tends to focus on the eros love. But we believe that a solid, enduring marriage must be based on agape love that will prevail through hard times.

PianoJenny: Good advice — thanks, Mike.

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