Atlanta Wedding Vendor: MelAnne’s Creations

I’m here today with Melissa Farr of MelAnne’s Creations.

Melissa at MelAnne's Creations


PianoJenny: Melissa, how did you get started in this business?

Melissa: I’ve always enjoyed crafts like scrapbooking and making jewelry. About two years ago, my husband pushed me to start selling my jewelry in a boutique in Gainesville, which has since closed, but I’ve still been pursuing the adventure of selling. For Christmas of 2013, my husband bought me an embroidery machine, which brought me to where I am now. I attend many craft shows, and sell through an online store.

MelAnne Creations embroidered shirt

PianoJenny: Tell us a little more about your products.

Melissa:  I customize all sorts of items for ages ranging from newborn to elderly. Almost everything I do is one-of-a-kind. I make unique jewelry for wedding parties and will design shirts or other items. Very few of my items are duplicated, so when you buy from MelAnne’s Creations, you know you will have a unique look that others will drool over.

MelAnne's Creations custom jewelry


PianoJenny: So when you’re not doing crafts, what do you enjoy reading?

Melissa: My favorite author is Jodi Piccoult. All of her books are simply addicting.

PianoJenny: Jodi Piccoult! One of my best friends got me started on her a few years ago. I started with Plain Truth. I thought the romance part was really dorky, but I’m a sucker for books with courtroom scenes, so after I finished that one, I started …

{two hours later}

PianoJenny: … and then since The Storytellers, I haven’t read anything else by her. Goodness, we’re completely out of time! Any parting words, Melissa?

Melissa: Just that the best advice I can give couples is to be open, honest, and communicate.

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