My Favorite Atlanta Wedding Vendors

Playing for weddings is so much more enjoyable when the people on your team know each other and work well together!

Meet some (and only some, there are so many!) of my favorite Wedding Atlanta Vendors below. I’ve done an interview post with each of them, which you can get to by clicking on their link.

All these folks are 1) Highly experienced and do good work; 2) Clearly love what they do; and 3) Are as nice-as-can-be and a ton of fun!


Favorite Atlanta Wedding Vendor DJ Tod Peavy for reception music


Interestingly, I met several of these vendors through DJTod, which should tell you a little bit about his people skills and what that says about him as a DJ. DJTod is known for getting everybody on the dance floor and having fun — not just the cool people, or the young people, or the popular people, but everybody!


Pixel This Photography

Favorite Atlanta Wedding Vendor Pixel This Wedding Photography outdoor gazebo

Before I even met Glen and Becky Wilson from Pixel this Photography, I followed them on Facebook because I thought their photos were also outstanding. When I met them both in person, I discovered there were both a lot of fun as well!


Cake Envy

Cake Envy wedding cake

Natalie Bryn from Cake Envy started out a single mom creating cakes for her kids’ birthdays. Today she is the winner of the Wedding Wire Bridal Choice Award and the Preferred Partner of seven different venues in the Atlanta area.


Daniel Stancil Photography

Daniel Stancil Photography sunset

As an ordained minister for ten years before becoming a wedding photographer, Daniel brings an unique view of capturing wedding photos and truly believes that his camera is an instrument used for God.


Livingston Productions

Wedding rings in the show Livingston Productions

Mike Livingston of Livingston Productions turned a lifelong hobby into a family videography business which later expanded to include photography as well.


Eileen Carter Creations

Eileen Carter creations wedding cake with ferns and greenery

Eileen Carter’s cakes are known for their smooth fondant look and have been featured in The Knot, Occasions magazine, and Oh Bride multiple times.


Georgia Dove

Georgia Dove white dove release for weddings

Georgia Dove is one of the few dove-release businesses in the southeast. Tom Reed trains all his doves to fly back to his home in Gainesville after they are released.

Smooth Tie the Knots

Smooth Ties the Knot business card with Jackie RaezHow could anyone not love a woman who is known for her uncanny ability to relieve stress? Resourceful and organized, Jackie Raez is particularly well-known for her extensive work at both Legacy Weddings at Lake Lanier Islands and Chateau Elan Weddings in Braselton, GA.

 MelAnne’s Creations

Melissa at MelAnne's Creations

Melissa of MelAnne’s Creations designs unique and beautiful jewelry and handmade embroidered items for all ages.


Four Little Bubbles

Four Little Bubbles Birthday Sign

Tami Copeland of Four Little Bubbles creates personalized, handpainted plaques and signs for all occassions.


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