Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Chattahoochee Country Club

Rachel, who got married to Alex outdoors at the Chattahoochee Country Club in Gainesville, Georgia, is one hip bride.

When she and her mother and MIL initially met with me, Rachel said that she loved Elton John and Billy Joel, which was great news for me (especially the Billy Joel part). When I played Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven for her and told her it might work for a bridal entrance, her entire face lit up. That was, indeed, the song she choose to walk down the aisle to. She also had me play Snow by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the processional.

If there remained any doubt that Rachel and her friends and family were totally hip, consider this: Avery, one of the soloists, had to leave in the middle of hiking the Appalachian Trail to be able to come to the wedding.

Atlanta pianist Jennifer Blaske accompanist for singer at outdoor Atlanta wedding
Me with Avery, one of the soloists


In addition to having all the Hip People and Cool Music, the wedding was gorgeous, as outdoor weddings always are.

Wedding Ceremony at Chattahoochee Country Club near Atlanta
Before the ceremony began — beautiful day!


There was some lovely decor from my friends Pam and Jessica at Design House Flowers:

Outdoor wedding ceremony decor by Atlanta florist Design House Flowers


Outdoor wedding ceremondy flowers and candles by Atlanta florist Design House Flowers two


I don’t normally take photos during the ceremony — I swear! — but I was set up unusually far back and had the opportunity to get this one:

Bride and groom Outdoor wedding ceremony at Chattahoochee country club near Atlanta


What these pictures don’t tell you is how incredibly cool and windy it was for early April. Thankfully I had plenty of clips, but my music pages still flapped around quite a bit. We were able to move inside for the cocktail hour, which made me — and probably all the guests — very happy.

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