My Interview With Pixel This Photography

I’m here today with Glen and Rebecca Wilson of Pixel This Photography in Atlanta.

Pixel This wedding photography creek outdoors


JMB: Hey guys! Please tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Glen: Well, Jennifer, we are a husband and wife team. We’ve been married for almost seventeen years and shooting professionally for ten.


Pixel This Wedding Photography outdoor gazebo
Beautiful wedding photography from Pixel This


Pixel This Photography wedding in snow


JMB: Wow!! That’s amazing! I can’t believe it! That’s incredible!

Glen: You really like our photos, huh?

JMB: It’s not that … I just can’t believe that a husband and wife can work together so successfully. My husband and I would have murdered each other after about two weeks.

Glen: Well, a husband and wife team definitely isn’t for everyone, but it works well for us. Rebecca and I are blessed to have a marriage that is full of love and laughter. We adore each other, love what we get to do for a living and approach each and every wedding photography from love’s point of view.

JMB: How did you two get started in the business?

Rebecca: Glen discovered his passion for photography 10 years into an IT career following ten years as a graphic designer. The combination of these skills made photography very easy for him to understand and learn, and he was shooting professionally within a year.

Glen: And Rebecca has had a love of photography since childhood when she did a little modeling.

Rebecca: But then I decided that I would rather be the one behind the camera!

Glen: We started out offering every genre of photography under the sun – families, babies, products, weddings, even dabbled in maternity. We soon came to realize our true love was capturing the joy of a wedding day and in 2014, we decided to specialize in wedding photography.

JMB: I’m sure you’re painfully aware of the fact that, these days, everybody and their uncle think they’re a wedding photographer. What makes you and services unique and special?

Glen: We want to capture not only beautiful images for the bride and groom to hang on their walls, but also to capture the pure and raw emotions that happen naturally on a wedding day. We have such a great time and make such a connection with our clients that we have become close friends with many of them and still are to this day.

Rebecca: The experience we offer for our bride and grooms on the wedding day is a big part of who we are. While our primary duty is to capture the day in a beautiful way, how we make our clients feel on their big day is just as important to us. We strive to set a very comfortable atmosphere by joking around and having fun while taking pictures so that our clients can shake off the nerves and actually enjoy having their photo taken and enjoy the experience. In doing so, they are able to show us their true personalities and we can capture them as they are.

JMB: Do you two have any amusing wedding stories?

Glen: One of our grooms made his entrance on a speedboat at Lake Lanier. As he jumped from the boat to the shore, he split his pants and went through the entire ceremony with a slight breeze on his *ahem* legs. Afterwards, his bride squatted down and pinned his pants back together for him and as you can probably imagine, we captured some candid photos that we have never seen the likes of before or since.

JMB: What kinds of movies, TV shows, and books do you like?

Glen: I love reading Stephen King novels and short stories – in particular The Stand and Skeleton Crew.

Rebecca: And I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan and my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.

JMB: You know, I never heard of such a thing as a “groom’s cake” until I saw the armadillo groom’s cake in Steel Magnolias.

Glen: Oh, and I love Star Wars! I can recite the entire script to the first Star Wars Movie, A New Hope. I know that probably sounds really weird.

JMB: Actually, Glen, it does not sound at all weird, because certain people that I am married to also can recite that entire movie. Oh, hey — here’s a question: You guys are always taking photos of other people. Do you have any photos of yourselves?

Rebecca: Here’s one!

JMB: Perfect.

Rebecca and Glen Wilson of Pixel This Photography


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