Cherry Blossom Wedding Favor Review

Review of Cherry Blossom Soap Wedding Favor from My Wedding

As you already know, I really like practical favors, and you can’t get much more practical than soap, as all your guests (hopefully) will need to wash their hands some time after they get home from your wedding.

NOTE: One really nice thing about My Wedding Favors is that they allow you to buy a single sample (excluding personalized and edible items).

Not only that, but they will refund you for the shipping cost of your samples when and if you later place a full order.


My Review of Cherry Blossom Soap from My Wedding Favors

I thought the individual soap was packaged very nicely. It looked very elegant, and it certainly did NOT have a look that would make guests think,  “What do I need this cheap junk for?” (Which is probably the main reason people say they don’t like wedding favors.)

Reivew of Cherry Blossom Soap wedding Favor
The box says, “This is an elegant favor, not cheap junk that your guests will toss when they get home!”


When I took the soap out of the box, the first thing I did was give it a few good sniffs. It didn’t have what I would consider either a strong or “identifiable” scent. What I mean is that is just smelled “fresh and clean” as opposed to me thinking, “Ooh, strawberries!” or anything like that.

For example, it did not have the type of scent that Bath & Body Works products have. I will leave that to you to decide whether or not that is a good thing.

Review of cherry blossom soap wedding favor
Soap on my bathroom sink



Review of cherry blossom scented soap favors from my wedding favors
Time to scrub up!


Cherry Blossom Soap Favor in Action!

Suds and leather while washing hands with cherry blossom soap favor from My Wedding Favors
Close-up so you can see the suds and lather


After I finished washing and drying my hands, I sniffed them. Again, my hands “smelled clean,” but did not have any kind of perfumey scent to them.

I have always had dry, somewhat sensitive skin, and after using this soap several times a day for two days, I never found it to be drying or irritating (like hotel bars of soap sometimes are.)

My Wedding Favors offers several other soap favors as well, including this Blossom and Bubbles Flower Soap and this Classic Heart Scented Soap.

Are soap favors not quite what you’re looking for? Then be sure to check out my posts about seed packets that make great wedding favors and bottle opener wedding favors.

Cherry Blossom Soap Favor

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