A Prince Tribute From a Non-Fan

I feel a little guilty writing a tribute of sorts about Prince, because I definitely never considered myself a fan (although we do share the same birthday).

When Prince hit the scene in full-force, I was a teenager and in that mindset that the music I listened to was my identity. My identity consisted of The Police, Duran Duran, U2, and INXS. Prince clearly did not fit into that picture, as far as I was concerned.

But as the years passed and I stopped associating Prince with “this style” or “those people” and “bad memories of unrelated things” and I could be more objective, I was struck by how good some of this music really was. I went from rolling my eyes at When Doves Cry to really loving it.

Yesterday, as I was singing along to “Let’s Get Crazy” and watching his 2007 performance at the Super Bowl, I realized that Prince must have been an amazing performer to see in concert.

This morning I learned that Prince had a guest spot on Muppets Tonight, which definitely made him shoot up several more points on my Likability Scale.

Prince with The Muppets (Starfish and Coffee)

Watching this clip, I realized something else about Prince: he seemed like a nice guy.

Please don’t hunt me down and do horrible things to my yard and my pets for saying this, but — I always thought Prince seemed a little creepy. Dangerous and mean, even. I was surprised how soft-spoken and gentle he was in this video.

To top it all off, I discovered that Prince had co-written and performed a song with one of my absolute heroes, the great genius Kate Bush.

Kate Bush with Prince — Why Should I love You


So it took me a long time, but I’m finally starting to see why Prince was as great as other people said back in the days when I was young and immature and more of a musical snob.

RIP Prince.

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  Jennifer McCoy Blaske


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