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Wedding favour seed packets
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I didn’t even know that seed packets were a popular wedding favor until I was doing some research to find a new blog post topic. But now that I know, I think it’s a great idea! Seed packets are inexpensive, don’t cause clutter, and are truly a “gift that keeps giving.” Also, as you can see from some of the reviewer quotes, many of these can be used not just for weddings, but also for bridal showers, engagement parties, and even children’s parties!

Here are a few different types of seed favors to see which ones fit your style and your wedding.


Wedding Favors with Seeds for Forget-Me-Not Flowers
Wedding Favors with Seeds for Forget-Me-Not Flowers

These seed favors come with 25 individual packets and a small scoop to make them easy to fill. They are made of uncoated white paper and include planting and sowing instructions on the reverse side.

Amazon reviewer J. Willett describes where these particular seeds also work so nicely for other events in addition to just weddings:

I have purchased these seeds for a couple of occasions because they make perfect party favors for bridal showers or engagement parties. I also use them to place inside sympathy cards. They are such a nice sentiment. I have definitely planted them and they are good, fresh seeds that spring up quickly into pretty little forget-me-not blooms. The seeds come in a plastic bag with a scoop to place in the envelopes. It’s very quick and easy.


Plantable Mini Butterflies that Grow Wildflowers
Plantable Mini Butterflies that Grow Wildflowers

If you’re looking for a unique, pretty, and practical favor, these plantable butterflies that grow wildflowers are perfect, especially if your wedding has a butterfly theme.

Amazon reviewer K. O’Connor shares a clever way to use these with children:

Our twins had a paleontologist / fairy 5th birthday party. After searching endlessly for non-tinkerbell fairy ideas, I found these to use in their goody bags. I was so pleased to find something inexpensive, that was not branded plastic junk, and that could be a fun thing for a kid to use. We typed a little message / intructions about growing a fairy flower garden so the kids would know what to do with them. Everyone loved the butterflies and my kids are excited to plant the leftovers to see what grows. The colors are beautiful (plenty of non-pink) and the butterfly shape is simple and sweet. I believe you can contact the seller to request specific colors, which is very cool – we just ordered the bag with all different colors.


Rustic Wildflower Packets with Burlap Design
Rustic Wildflower Packets with Burlap Design

These packets are personalized with the first names of the bride and groom and the date. In addition, you get to choose between six different messages to have at the top. Some of the messages include Today I will marry my best friend; Love grows where your heart is planted; and We give you these seeds to sow, along with our love, they too will grow.

Each set contains 100 packets. There are also sunflower seed packets that are available in burlap.


Custom Sunflower Themed Wedding Favors
Custom Sunflower Themed Wedding Favors

If you’re having a sunflower-themed bridal shower, or simply love sunflowers, consider these sunflower seed favors. While these are not personalized, you could attached personalized favor tags to the top corner, if you like. Picture a bunch of these packets with ribbon attached in a basket for your bridal shower centerpiece — nice, huh?

These favors come with self-sealing packets, seeds, and a spoon, so you do have to do a tiny bit of work yourself. It should take less than ten minutes and no extra supplies to fill the packets — and even less time if you do it with a friend!


Seed Packets for Sunflower Plants
Seed Packets for Sunflower Plants

These packets come in sets of 25 with enough seeds to hold about 50 per packet. You have to scoop the seeds and seal the envelope yourself, but fortunately they are self-adhesive, so it’s quick and easy. Each packet has sowing instructions on the back.

Amazon reviewer Natalie was thrilled with her experience using these packets as her wedding favors. She says:

I bought these as one, of many, wedding favors! Guests loved them! You have to scoop the seeds into the envelope, but it was no trouble at all! The envelopes are self adhesive, so no worries about having to lick and seal each envelope. The instructions say to scoop one scoop, into each envelope… I managed to scoop two into each! Lovely idea for your guests to take home some seeds and plant them to remind them of your love/wedding!! Loved it! I even kept some packets for me!!


So whether you’re a fan of wildflowers or sunflowers, planning a rustic wedding or a Valentine’s Day couples shower, want your favors personalized or not, there are plenty of seed packet favors out there to choose from. You can feel proud knowing that your wedding is helping is helping make the earth a more beautiful place!

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