Wedding Guest Book Sets

Wedding Guest Book and Pen Sets

A couple weeks ago I wrote about why you might want a wedding guest book tree instead of a regular guest book.

However, if you want to go the traditional route and get a guest book, one nice option to consider is a guest book set. Not only does it give your guest book table a complete, polished look, but you can cross several things off your shopping list in one fell swoop.

Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set

Wedding Guest Book Set with pen and  flutes
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This Heart Charm Guest Book Set comes with two matching flutes, which are lovely but are not clear glass. I personally like the separate pen stand and how it matches the book. The white is very bright, which can be good or bad depending on your preference.

Since this set has so many “pieces” to it, it would probably be a good idea to consider the space you have for the guest book signing. If you like the idea of decorating it with several matching things, this could be a great choice, but if your space is limited and you’re afraid people might be knocking over the flutes, that’s something to consider.

Guest Book and Pen Set for Wedding

Wedding Guest book set with pen and rhinestone heart
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This white guest book and pen with rhinestone heart has a total of 16 pages and is pretty without being overly ornate or feminine. The cover is elegant and decorative, but in a simple way, so there are no huge bows that will get crushed and dented after years of sitting on your bookshelf or in a memory box.

The front and back of the first page is reserved for the wedding party, and the next page is for the details of the wedding day. The next 13 pages are printed front and back, with six slots on each page for guests to write their name, address, and phone number. The guest slots are not numbered.

There are only enough spaces for about 120 guests to sign, so keep this is mind if you’re planning a very big wedding.  The book itself, at 9-3/4 inches by 6-1/2 inches, is not terribly big, so that’s something to consider as well.

The cover is heavy enough that it lays open nicely while the base stays flat, which is a plus — I hate when book covers close back over your hand while you’re trying to write in them. And the pen works and writes smoothly. (Which, believe it or not, is not always true of guest book pens.)

Ivory Guest Book and Pen Set

Ivory wedding guest book and pen set with cake cutter and flutes
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This ivory guest book set has not only the guest book and pen, but also toasting flutes and a cake serving set. The flutes are made of real glass, but there is not an engraving option. 

The guest book itself simply contains lines for the guests to sign, as opposed to a special page for the bridal party, like some guest books have.

A few of the Amazon reviewers mentioned that the handle snapped off the cake cutter while they were cutting the cake. I’m not sure if certain consistencies of cake would make that more or less likely to happen, but you may not wish to take that chance. If you like the idea of a set where everything matches, I suppose you could always use the serving set for decorative purposes only and then use a separate knife for the actual cake cutting.


For more ideas about guest book choices, check out the video below:

Wedding Guest Book Etiquette

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