Wedding Guest Book Trees

Wedding Guest Book Trees

Wedding guest book trees are a playful, creative variation of the traditional guest book.

When I was planning my own wedding many years ago, I remember my father thinking that idea of having a “Guest Book” was the weirdest thing he’d ever heard of.

“What are we going to do?” he would say, laughing. “Sit around twenty years from now flipping through a book and saying, ‘Oh look … It’s Uncle George’s signature!.'”

Well, it is now twenty years later and, while I’m glad that we kept a record of our guests, we do not, in fact, ever sit around flipping through the Guest Book and studying the signatures. As a matter, I’m not even exactly sure where our Guest Book even is, although I think it is somewhere on the top shelf of a particular closet.

If the idea of a book filled with nothing but people’s signatures strikes you as a little weird too, there are some alternatives that immortalize your wedding guests, but don’t run as much risk of being forgotten on a top shelf in a closet someday.

One popular alternative is a “Tree Guest Book,” which displays your guests signatures in an artistic way that you frame and display. Here are a few examples:


Fingerprint Tree Guest Book for Weddings

Fingerprint wedding tree guest book
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Made of soft gloss heavy photo paper, this fingerprint tree guest book is both beautiful and highly customized. It comes with two ink pads and the option to purchase more. 

Not only does your order get customized with printed information like names, date, and wedding location, but you also get to choose the font color and style, the ink pad colors, and the color of the birds.

It does not come with a frame, so you would need to take care of that yourself.


Thumbprint Tree Wedding Guest Book

Thumbprint Wedding Guest Book Tree
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This tree comes fully customized with your message, names, and wedding date and does not come with a frame or an ink pad, so you would have to take care of those two yourself.

The design is available in four different sizes, depending on how many guests you are having. The smallest size is for 50-75 guests, and the largest size is for 150-200 guests.


Wooden Wedding Guest Book Tree

Wooden framed wedding guest book tree
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If you’re thinking to yourself, “Can’t I get a tree that already comes with a frame and just be done with it?” then this framed tree might be a nice choice for you. Its canvas, featuring a white tree on a wood backdrop, comes professionally stretched over a wooden frame.

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