What Wedding Photographers Wish Couples Knew

I attended Anya Bridal’s Night of Fashion a few weeks ago and got to chat a little with one of the sponsors, Julie Anne wedding photographer, while we enjoyed our cocktails and appetizers.

Julie Anne Wedding Photographer on what wedding photographers wish couples knew
Julie Anne, Wedding Photographer


Now Julie Anne probably thought we were just having a pleasant chat while we nibbled out chicken croissants before the fashion show began … but in reality, I was secretly playing journalist so I could get some good blog content. (I’m cleverly sneaky like that.)

“What do you wish couples knew about wedding photography?” I asked her as I scooped some hummus onto a chip.

“Two things,” she promptly said.

Atlanta bride and groom at outdoor wedding in article about what wedding photographers wish couples knew
Photos Courtesy of Julie Anne Wedding Photographer

1) Contrary to some people’s belief, your wedding photographer cannot control the weather. She cannot affect when rain stops or starts or when it becomes overcast or when the sun decides to set — so keep these things in mind as you plan your timeline.

Dogs at an outdoor wedding in Atlanta
Photo courtesy of Julie Anne Wedding Photographer

2) In the end, it all comes down to personality. There are lots and lots [and lots] of wedding photographers out there, and many, if not all, of them have years of experience and take beautiful photos. So how do you choose which one to hire?

Well, consider this: You’re going to be spending six or seven hours (or more!) of a Very Important Day with this person. Do you find their sense of humor annoying? Do you think they’re too pushy? A little weird? Too serious? Too silly?

If so, you may want to keep looking until you find the photographer who you think is the most awesome person to spend many many hours with on your wedding day.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? And wedding photographers, do you have anything else to add?

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