Elopement at the Historic Dekalb Courthouse

If you’ve ever wondered if your wedding music has to be “a certain way” … well, April and David proved that you can truly have your wedding any way that you want to.

They eloped in May at the Historic Dekalb Courthouse (formerly known as the Old Courthouse on the Square). The courthouse is a charming, intimate space on the Decatur Square. It has marble floors, arched windows … and most importantly, a baby grand piano.

Wedding Ceremony at Old Historic Courthouse in Decatur

Now sometimes when people say they’re “eloping,” they mean that there will only be about ten or twelve guests there, or that the only attendees will be the very small bridal party.


When April and David eloped, there was the two of them (obviously), an officiant, a photographer, and me. That was it.

Now that might strike you as being very unique right there. But what was even more unique was the music they chose. I’ll be honest; I’d never even heard of half these songs before.

Pre-Ceremony Music

Where is My Mind — The Pixies (from The Fight Club)
Titanium — Sia
Winter — Tori Amos
Within — Daft Punk
Pyramid Song — Radiohead
Death is the Road to Awe — Clint Mansell

Not exactly your typical wedding music, right?

So how does an elopement work, you might ask? Well, I arrived and played their requested songs while they danced and did a photo shoo until it was time for the ceremony to begin.

Bride and groom at elopement ceremony in Atlanta

Pianist Jennifer Blaske at Historic Courthouse in Decatur

Once the ceremony was over, I played the recessional piece, they thanked me and I congratulated them, and they headed off to their dinner reservations.

So, bottom line … have the wedding you want, any way that you want, with however many guests you want … and with the music that is special and meaningful to you!

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