Funny Misunderstood Song Lyrics

Years ago, my husband, was surprised to discover that the actual title to Tom Petty’s song was Running Down a Dream.

“I always thought it was I’m Running Down the Drain,” he told me. “I thought it was about a guy who slit his wrists and was standing there watching his blood pour into the sink.”

“No,” I told him. “No, it’s not.”

He thought for a minute, then said, “I like mine better.

Misunderstood song lyrics My Lyrics are better

What is it about misunderstood song lyrics that makes them so funny?

I guess it’s because what your singing is ridiculous. But maybe it’s also because some actual lyrics are just as ridiculous that you couldn’t even tell the difference.

I mean, here’s a quick quiz:

Which of these lines is an actual Tori Amos song lyric?

a) What about the deal on the flying trapeze got a peanut butter hand


b) If I lose my Cracker Jacks at the tidal wave, I got a place in the pope’s rubber robe


Did you guess?


Surprise! They’re both real; in fact, there’s both from the same song.

So I guess it’s not too surprising that people sing the wrong lyrics and don’t even question it.

This one is my family’s favorite:

Misunderstood song lyrics Alanis Cross eyed bear that you gave to me


This one’s pretty funny too:

Misunderstood song lyrics abba Kicking the Dancing Queen


And this one’s worth sharing just because of the photo:

Misunderstood song lyrics beatles Chicken to Ride


But if you really want to have a good laugh, take six minutes and watch this clip from comedian Peter Kay:

Peter Kay — Misheard Song Lyrics

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